HWO offers programs which consider the match between a person and their job or a person and their goals for recovery.

HWO services are:

Workplace Treatment


Integrating work and recovery.

Community Treatment


Ensuring recovery occurs within
your lifestyle.

In-house Treatment


Visit out clinic in Sydney Olympic Park.


Facilitating access to a local pool with
suitable requirements.

One-off assessment

and conferencing

Supporting a strategic recovery.

Adjustment to
injury assessment
and treatment

Holistic support to facilitate recovery.


and Training

Specifically tailored to your needs.

Health Screens

Confirming work readiness.

Suite 1.07, 8 Parkview Drive,
Sydney Olympic Park, NSW, 2127.
T 02 9633 4337 F 02 9633 3405
ABN 35614401053
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HWO Pty Ltd is ISO:9001 2015 certified.
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