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HWO specialises in tailored and supervised exercise programs to improve an individual’s independence, overall health and quality of life. 

Our programs are carefully structured to match a person and their lifestyle to ensure that they achieve their desired goals. 

We offer the following services:


Integrating work and recovery.

Workplace Treatment

We integrate work and recovery with treatment and exercise completed at the workplace with the aim of building tolerances to support safe and optimum performance of the role.


Ensuring recovery occurs within
your lifestyle.

Community Based Treatment

We ensure treatment and recovery goals meet an individual’s lifestyle to improve their quality of life and overall health. 


Visit out clinic in Sydney Olympic Park.

In-House Treatment

Individuals can visit out clinic at Sydney Olympic Park and/or Rhodes, using our state of the art facilities to aid recovery. 


Supporting a strategic recovery.

Capacity Building (NDIS)

We help individual’s achieve their desired goals by supporting independence in their daily life.  


Facilitating access to a local pool with
suitable requirements.


We provide access to a local pool with suitable requirements that will allow an individual’s path to recovery.


Specifically tailored to your needs.

Workshops & Training

We take the time to understand the needs of a business and specifically tailor programs and training to suit the needs desired. 


Specifically tailored to your needs.

Health Screening

We help businesses ensure workers are ready and physically able to complete their roles safely, with minimising the risk of injury. 


Confirming work readiness.

Injury Prevention

We provide the tools to individual’s to reduce the risk of injury and supporting durability in any aspect of life and work. 

Get in Touch

To discover more about hwo and how we can help you please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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